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Flint River Archery
Outdoor Target Archery Classes

Archers can choose to learn Outdoor Target Archery and Outdoor 3D Archery separately or they can register and participate in a combination 1/2 & 1/2 class.  

Outdoor target archery is offered outdoors in the spring & summer round. 

Archers that are interested in our S3DA team will need to register for Outdoor Target archery or 3D archery through the months of March - August and for Indoor Target through the months of September - March.  The month of March overlaps into both target & 3D as we are beginning to learn 3D yet still attending some indoor target tournaments in March. 

Archers that are interested in JOAD will need to register for our Indoor Target or/and Outdoor Target archery classes. 


Outdoor Target Archery

Flint River Archery Classes

outdoor TARGET

Outdoor target archery is the discipline of shooting at stationary circular targets over a long distance generally outdoors. Outdoor target distances usually vary by age ,class and type of target being used.  Normally targets are shot at distances from 15 to 60 meters. 


Flint River teaches USA Archery/World Archery FITA spot targets.  We will use 80cm-122cm targets.  80cm 6-ring targets will also be used.

Register For Outdoor Target archery Classes

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Register For combination outdoor Target & 3D archery Classes

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