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Archery classes  
Contact us to register for classes: 
We currently have archery classes available for archery 9-18 (if still in high school)

Flint River Archery offers 3 different archery disciplines for archers to participate.  We teach indoor target archery, outdoor target archery and outdoor 3D archery.  

Archers will have the opportunity to join our S3DA and/or JOAD archery programs once registered with one of our programs offered below. 

*We do require archers that plan to attend tournaments to attend regular classes to ensure they are aware of all the tournament rules.  Archers are not required to attend tournaments . 

In order to join our S3DA program in the spring/summer, archers must register for our Outdoor 3D or Outdoor Target archery class.  All S3DA tournaments in the spring and summer will be outdoor 3D and outdoor target.  Once we get into fall/winter all S3DA will begin indoor target archery. 

In order to join our JOAD program archers must register for our indoor or outdoor target archery class.  

Archers can register for a combination 1/2 & 1/2 outdoor 3D & outdoor target class.

Classes are offered in 4 classes in 4 week intervals.  

Outdoor Target & Outdoor 3D Archery class days/times will vary month to month (view our schedule).  Indoor target will take place on Wednesdays ( at times if coaches are not available the class day may be moved to a different day of the week.)

Archers currently registered for Flint River Archery classes automatically have spaces held in next month's class.  If an archer does not show up to class for 4 sessions then that archers space will open to a new archer the following month.  Space can be held if archers submit payment for the class. 

Space is limited for classes and instructors are limited. 

View our schedule to see dates & times for classes: 

Class Prices:

  • First class/4 classes in 4 weeks = $25

  • Second Class/8 classes in 4 weeks = +$5

  • Third Class/12 classes in 4 weeks = +$5

*The cost includes all the equipment and materials needed to learn archery.  All equipment can be provided. 

Class Options:

  • Indoor Target Archery/4 classes in 4 weeks | Indoor Archery Range

  • Outdoor Target Archery/4 classes in 4 weeks | Outdoor Archery Range

  • 3D Archery/4 classes in 4 weeks | Outdoor Archery Range

  • 1/2 & 1/2 Outdoor Combination Class =  x2 3D archery classes + x2 Outdoor Target archery classes for a total of 4 classes in 4 weeks | Outdoor Archery Range


  • Indoor Archery Range - 219 N 5th Street | Basement of 501 Jefferson St. Burlington, IA

  • Outdoor Archery Range - Big Hollow Recreation Area | next to 300 M shooting range

 Contact us to see if we have space available and to register for classes: 

Flint River Archery Classes

outdoor TARGET

Outdoor target archery is the discipline of shooting at stationary circular targets over a long distance generally outdoors. Outdoor target distances usually vary by age ,class and type of target being used.  Normally targets are shot at distances from 15 to 60 meters. 


Flint River teaches USA Archery/World Archery FITA spot targets.  We will use 80cm-122cm targets.  80cm 6-ring targets will also be used.

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