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What is S3DA? 

Quote from S3DA: "S3DA is a ground-breaking next-step youth archery program that is shattering boundaries and forming alliances throughout the archery, conservation and outdoor industries. S3DA is unique because it standardizes the tournament format instead of limiting the type of equipment used. Nearly any setup can be used in the S3DA program because it encompasses standard classes used by most mainstream archery programs such as our partnering organizations USA Archery, ASA and NFAA. S3DA also places a special emphasis on the conservation and bowhunting skills many youth archers are interested in. S3DA incorporates target archery, bowhunting, conservation and recreation for a wide range of age and experience levels. There is truly something for everyone in the S3DA program!" -  4th Publication of the S3DA program guide. 


Archers that join our S3DA club will have opportunities to compete in tournaments sanctioned by S3DA.  Only current members of a S3DA club can participate in these sanctioned events.  Archers do not have to compete in tournaments if they do not want to.  Members must register for membership through the S3DA website and create an account on Sports80.  Archers will then select our club at registration.  The annual fee to join S3DA is $30 and must be paid when you create your account with S3DA.  We ask that our S3DA archers that plan to attend tournaments participate in one of our classes and remain enrolled and attend regularly during the S3DA competition season.  We would prefer S3DA archers attend the archery discipline appropriate for S3DA during that season. Spring/Summer: Outdoor 3D Archery or Outdoor Target Archery.  Fall/Winter: Indoor Target Archery.  Flint River Archery Club does not charge anything more for archers to participate in our S3DA club.  Class fees include all targets and archery equipment.  However, S3DA sanctioned events do have registration fees that vary depending on the level of event.  Regional, State and National events. 

Many ASA (Archery Shooters Association) events also support S3DA events as well.  Ask us for more information. 

Types of S3DA Archery events


Indoor target archery is the discipline of shooting at stationary circular targets over a short distance inside a building. Indoor target distance usually vary by age class and type of target being used.  Normally targets are shot at distances from 10 to 20 yards. 


S3DA uses NFAA 40cm single or 5-spot target faces unless otherwise noted that Vegas targets will be used.  

Archers 11 & under will shoot NFAA 40cm targets at 10 yards or Vegas targets at 20 yards.

Archers 12 & up will shoot NFAA 40cm targets at 20 yards or Vegas targets at 20 yards.






3-D Archery often takes the archery range into the woods and introduces archers to unique shot angles, and shooting scenarios.

3-D archery gets its name from the three-dimensional targets that are set up at each station. Usually these targets are shaped like animals.  The targets range from small skunks to massive dinosaurs.

S3DA uses Delta McKenzie targets in state & national tournaments.  Regional events may vary. 



Archers shoot at stationary circular targets at varying distances outdoors. 

Archery Targets
Archery Board nature

    S3DA 3D Tournament Photos

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